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Kvik Hardware Jotun Paint Shop in Dubai

Kvik Hardware Jotun Paint Shop in Dubai

Kvik Hardware Paint Shop in Dubai will locate the right colors, combinations, and designs that will bring your walls and home, to life.

Each Wall is one colour away from being amazing in your eyes.

That is the reason we consider Jotun Paints products which are more than paint. It’s an inspiration. It’s genuine feelings of serenity. It’s home. So explore the entirety of our high-quality Jotun paints for interior and exterior walls just as for furniture protection.

jotun paints

A superior quality emulsion with a smooth and silky finish, giving an improved colour experience.

Gives the most accurate colours; what you find in the colour card is the thing that you will get on the wall. Ideal for every single indoor space, specifically living rooms and bedrooms or different areas with high visibility.

  • Smooth silky finish with a good washability
  • Gives a good colour experience
  • Colours are more accurate

jotun paints

Kvik Hardware Jotun Paint shop in Dubai Offering long-lasting finishes and coatings. Jotun Paints high-quality product for interior & exterior walls just as for furniture protection.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jotun?

Jotun is a Norwegian global chemicals company dealing mainly in decorative paints and performance coatings (marine, protective and powder coatings).

Where is Jotun Paint From?

In its early years back in 1920, Odd Gleditsch began as a paint distributor in Sandefjord, Norway. Not long, he turned into the leading supplier of paint for whaling fleets all over Norway. This then prompted him into starting up and manufacturing his very own paint.

Is Jotun Paint Good?

Jotun, RUST-OLEUM, Ultrimax and Sigma are four of the best performing industrial paint brands availabl on the market.


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